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Does Back Pain have you down?

Most all of us at one time or another have suffered from some sort of back pain. It can be caused by overuse, an injury, improper use, sitting too much. It can come on slowly, you can wake up with pain or maybe you had another injury and your back pain is from compensating. So here is the thing after many years over 28, I have been helping people get out of pain or find relief from pain. Low back pain comes in many different varieties and the key to relieving pain is to slow down, get quiet and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Many of us are way to focused on pushing through the pain and or a quick fix.

So how do we find relief?

1. Find a position that reduces your discomfort and in the initial onset of acute pain use ice ( place an ice pack on the area for 10- 20 minutes )

2. Connect to your breath and slowly start to breath deeper. When we are in pain and our bodies are stressed we naturally go into defence mode and we take shorter breaths. Which then creates a cycle of muscle holding and shallow breathing. = More pain and tension.

3.When you are able to breath deeper and find space we can then move with more ease.

4. Move your body within its pain free zone, ( sometimes this is tricky) learning to not push through pain, move mindfully.

5. Mindful movement is essential. We must move our bodies to increase or maintain muscle strength and we need to properly stretch our muscles( Yoga)

These are just a few considerations in finding ease and reducing pain. Breath practice, and yoga movement can help you to create greater mobility.

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