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I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and my training in the art and science of yoga.  I feel strongly that Yoga is a very complex yet wonderful healing modality and in saying this, there are many different forms of yoga and a variety of lineages.   

I like to offer Yoga and Meditation classes for individuals to help them find ease and calm in their body and mind.  My Restorative Yoga classes focus on the healing aspects of yoga especially for the nervous system, hips, shoulders and low back.  

I tailor my classes and offerings to meet people where they are at and I weave meditation into all of my offerings as a PAUSE.  PAUSE from the busy-ness and distraction of life. Regardless of age and health, most all of us require time and space to just Be. Time to restore, renew and rejuvenate. 

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Meditation Teacher, I pride myself on creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where individuals learn to breathe deeply, mindfully move their bodies, and disconnect from the stressors of life.  

When facilitating workshops, or one on one coaching and therapy sessions, I work to meet each individual where they are at on their journey.  I encourage individuals to get quiet and listen to their own innate wisdom so they may embrace optimal health and well-being.  

Yoga Mat and Straps


50 Hour CTY Susie Dias
500 Hour YTT Mukti Yoga ~ Gita Ma Aum Ashram
100 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Intensive Susie Hately Aldous
200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga ~ Bliss Ann Green Yoga
300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa  Yoga ~ Bliss Ann Green Yoga
25  Hour Restorative Yoga  Yoga Teacher Training 
50 Hour SUP Yoga
50 hour Yin Yoga Yoga Teacher Training 
Currently enrolled and completing my Holistic Life Coaching Certification 2021
200 Hour  Certified Unplug Meditation Teacher
Can Fit Pro Certified Fitness Instructor since 1994
Registered Massage Therapist since 1993

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