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Empty To Nourished

Your Self Care Summer Camp. 

Join us on an adventure to find what your body and spirit have been craving. 


Find Ease in the Overwhelm

We live in a world that praises overwork and shames rest and recharging. It is no wonder that people are becoming more and more stressed and feeling like they just can't keep up. 

We will work on creating a mind that is resilient in the face of challenges.


Nervous System Reset

Our nervous system has taken all of this stress built up over time and doesn't have anywhere to put it.

We will learn practices to stop, calm, and reset the nervous system in a soothing way so that you can continue to live your life in a meaningful way.


Guest Speakers

We have some exciting experts coming in to chat about practices that can deepen our wellbeing. 

By going beyond the basics and deep diving on what we can do each day to nourish our body and mind we can feel and think at our best.

An investment
in your body
and mind.

This will not be our usual wellness routines. The things we consume become us. This includes what we eat and drink, but also what goes into our minds. I want you to learn about your own needs and what you may have been neglecting for years. I want you to find what has been missing and build a plan to reset and heal.

This program integrates 90 minute sessions (online or in person) weekly to go through practices, rituals, self exploration, self care, fitness, nutrition, and more. It includes two outdoor retreat days (optional but highly recommended)  to connect with nature and heal the spirit from the inside out. 

You will also connect with other likeminded individuals to share stories of success and find support in the struggles. True and lasting change comes from putting in the work and putting our goals first time and time again. 

Join Us This Summer

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