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Mondays 8:30am

Committed to yoga is a blend of disciplines it combines Mukti yoga, flow, and some vinyasa flow for an hour of mindful movement.  A focus is put on core strength through positions. Come prepared to stretch, sweat, energize, laugh, and at the end relax and surrender. Our movements are slow and mindful, as is the breath. Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement and it is a series of poses that will move your body through the power of inhaling and exhaling.

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Monday 7:00pm

Monday evening classes are a fusion of breathing, asana and some meditation to end you day with ease and relaxation. This class is a physical class that consists of specific postures to realign and strengthen the body. Ending with guided meditation to achieve balance and relaxation. Modifications are given when needed.

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Tuesdays at 8:00am

Take time to pause and breath, a 15 minute meditation to calm the mind, body and soul. Tune in to tune out the chatter. We will use the breath to anchor into the present moment, followed by a guided meditation. No experience necessary, just find a comfortable seat, or lay down. Gently close your eyes and Pause.

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Thursday 8:30am

A gentler flow for those that feel like their toes are just a little too far away. This slower paced class focuses on lengthening and strengthening our lower body. Great for beginners.

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Saturdays 8:30am

The balance of Yin Yang Yoga explores the gentle stretch of Yin with a touch of the active flow of Yang. 
Combined, this class is great for those with sore muscles looking to loosen up and gain some mobility in the body and the mind.

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