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The game tells the story of an Indian girl and an Pakistani boy in India. Review: Teen magazines such as Teen World have also been published in India. The word 'zyaada' is directly from the Sanskrit language and can be translated to'soulmate'. It is derived from the word 'zaadi' which means 'affection' or 'love' in Sanskrit. Theory of Birth Order Birth order is a social science theory which describes the theory that children are born in a certain order of importance or according to the order in which they were born. Controversial theories and studies Nature versus nurture Some view that one's personality is completely due to nature, while others believe in the complete influence of nurture. This view is hotly debated among some social scientists. In a study conducted by Templeton, many children were placed into one of four groups. These groups varied only by their socioeconomic backgrounds. Each group consisted of children from both high and low socioeconomic backgrounds. The study then compared the similarities and differences between these groups as they got older. It found that the differences between the groups at each stage became smaller, which indicates that there is a strong impact of environment on personality. Review of the scientific literature has found that personality traits are similar between biological brothers and that genetic influences explain most of the variance in these traits. In addition, correlations between these traits and other social and psychological variables also tend to be higher within biological compared to social relatives. The same correlation patterns are found when analyzing twins and adopted pairs. There have also been suggestions of a causal relationship between the family environment and the development of personality traits such as self-esteem and depression. There are fewer data available for females, but one study found that the personality traits of introversion and conscientiousness were stronger for sisters than for half-sisters. Others have suggested that personality development may not be as environmentally-driven as previously thought. Genes versus environment Many researchers believe that personality traits are largely determined by genes. For example, people who have been identified as having high 'openness' to experience are more likely to be interested in the arts. People with the personality trait of 'conscientiousness' have been found to be more likely to finish school, have higher self-esteem, and are more likely to have good social skills. Parents also tend to have similar personality traits to their children, especially within those with 'openness' to experience. However, the influence of genes on personality traits



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